Administrative Staff

Gina Linder Principal
Andrea Morrow Assistant Principal
Carl Koneman Assistant Principal
Dana Ford Instructional Coach


Lori Arnold Counselor
Renee Cain Counselor
Tricia Williams Counselor

Support Staff

Holly Humble Front Office Secretary
Adrienne Jack Executive Secretary/ Bookkeeper
Kelly Keown Front Office Clerk
Denise Spivey Counseling
Deborah Goswick Foodservice Manager

Teaching Staff

Brittney Adams Math/ Math Department Chair
Kayla Aiken
David Anthony Health/Fitness/Head Volleball Coach
Heather Atkins English
Tabatha Avery Learning Support/ESS
Tyson Blassingame Welding\Metals Technology
Chad Brewer Head Football Coach/Weight Training/Head Track
Ruth Brooker
Natalie Bruce Spanish / Foreign Language and Fine Arts Department Chair
Marco Burgueno Social Studies/Head Soccer
Adam Burnette
Anne Childers Literacy
Mary Christian ESOL
Alannah Clayton
Laura Beth Crow Social Studies
Katie Davis Agriculture/FFA
Breann Dooley English/
Linda Dotson CTAE Department Chair / Teaching / Growth and Development
Joshua Ensley Technology
Ginger Figg English/ESS
Avery Hamilton English
Matt Harris Math
Cliff Higgins Band
Jessica House Science
Sandra Johnston Fitness/Health/Head Archery Coach
Tara Jones Social Worker
Greg Linder Athletic Director/Social Studies/Head Boys Basketball Coach
Charles Longmire Science
Kassandra Martin ESOL
Jim Miller Social Studies/ESS
MaryAnn Mize ISS
Scott Moat Media Specialist
Kurt Napier Learning Support
Lisa Oakes Spanish
Wade Owens Construction
Wendy Owens Science
Ashley Pankey Learning Support
Shannon Perry English
Jennifer Plemons Math/Prom
Pam Puryear Accounting / Computer Apps / Athletic Secretary
Becky Quast ESS Lead/Department Chair/POWER Program Coordinator/Head Tennis Coach
Heather Ridley
Keith Rollins English/Drama
Nick Ross Math
Brittany Ross Healthcare Science
Katy Sane Criminal Justice
Justin Smith Social Studies
Drew Smythe History
Ashli Solinger Art
Zach Talley Science
Chad Thornton English
Lori Townsend Business and Technology
Eric Weaver Social Studies
Charlie Wheeler Math
Jake White Math
Shelby White English
Jeff Williams Science
Kip Williams
Clara Wimberly Apex
Catie Worsham
Josh Zeigler Learning Support
Rose White ESS Paraprofessional